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P. D. Mangan, Writer & Microbiologist

P. D. Mangan is the founder of the website Rogue Health and Fitness, and is the author of six books on health, fitness, and optimized lifespan, including Stop the Clock: The Optimal Anti-Aging Strategy, and Dumping Iron.
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To Stop Aging in Its Tracks, You Must Start Now
Mainstream health authorities make many false or misleading claims about what leads to good health and long life.

You can’t be blamed for believing them, because you’ve probably never heard anything different.
The health, food, drug, and fitness industries have ulterior motives, mainly money, not your health or happiness.

“Expert” advice can be damaging, and lead to shorter lifespans, not to mention obesity and chronic disease.

You may have been following mainstream practices for decades and your health and body weight have worsened.

If you’re tired of ill health and know in your gut that your health practices aren’t cutting it, then you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve studied aging, health, and fitness for decades, and have uncovered real and contrary truths about what leads to better health and longer life.

I’ve written an e-book so you can understand and practice anti-aging.
What’s in the Book? 
  •  What Is Aging & How To Prevent It
  •  The relationship between food and aging
  •  How to eat to prevent aging - the common mistakes almost EVERYONE makes and how to avoid them as easily as possible!
  •  The practices that promote aging, and why you may be doing many of them
  •  Why we need stress to counteract aging, and why you may not be getting enough of the right kind of stress
  •  How to eat to prevent aging, and why you’re probably not eating the right foods
  •  Why almost everyone has high insulin and how it accelerates aging
  •  Why your body composition promotes aging – and how to fix it.
  •  Little known factors that can prevent – or promote – aging, and why you’ve never heard of them before

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